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What Should We Prepare for the upcoming 1.0.8 Patch?

3/12/2013 2:06:08 PM

[Diablo 3 Gold]Still intoxicated with the joy brought by the 1.0.7 Patch? How do you think of the crafting system at present? Have you experienced the PVP mode with your friends? Will you expect the upcoming adjustment in 1.0.8 Patch? According to the announcement of Blizzard official site, the 1.0.8 patch would be released fast. What do you think of the adjustment of new patch? Welcome to come Here to participate in the discussion.


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From the Travis Day blog, we can learn the adjustments of Diablo 3 items would bring you different gaming experience in the 1.0.8 patch. This time, Blizzard aims to improve the efficiency of farming Diablo 3 Items as well as increase the diversity of items. Unquestionable, the price of D3 weapon in Auction House would change. In addition, the unit cost of Diablo III Gold would increase at the early days. To prepare enough cheap Diablo 3 Gold is a good idea! always put the clients’ demand as the first consideration. To provide the D3 Gold at bottom price with instant delivery is our duty and the Coupon Code for our regular customers save money always. Of course, we know the most important factor of buying Diablo III Gold online is the security. You can totally put your mind at rest when you place order form our site. Through the intensive of McAfee Secure daily scan, we can ensure your account safety.


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