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About Diablo 4 Items Trading

In Diablo 4, though the trading is limited, the system adopted is more restrictive than the one currently used in Diablo 3, you can also simply receive D4 items from friends, and strangers, or even go through an external site to buy Diablo 4 Ladder Season items from reliable sites.

Diablo 4 Item Quality & Rarity

As outlined at the Diablo 4 feature conference, in broad terms, the game will follow the Diablo 3 system of item quality. It starts with common items, then magic, then rare, followed by legendary items, and set items.

  • An important clarification from the developers is that they want a combination of individual legendary items to be at least as powerful as a set. They no longer want set-based builds to dominate the entire metagame.

  • As in Diablo 3, legendary items have a special power that changes gameplay in some form, while set items offer bonuses when you wear multiple pieces of a set.

  • The ancient legendaries system comes next, followed by a new rank, mythic items, which we'll talk about a bit later.

  • Another notable clarification from the developers is that they don't plan to rain down legendaries like in Diablo 3. Progressing through the high-level content and difficulty modes will result in better quality items, including similar legendaries to the ones you already have upgraded. But the amount of legendary loot itself will not increase.

At the same time, it has been confirmed that the magic find stat will make a comeback, but that it won't be something obtained at the expense of power. It seems that it will be mostly present on gems.

D4 Tradable Items

This category includes common (white), magic (blue), and rare (yellow) items. Also in this category are gold, gems, and elixirs concocted by the alchemists with plants (stats and experience bonuses for a certain time).

Most Valued Diablo 4 Items To Buy

In Diablo 4's end-game, the most valuable D4 Season 1 items for trade are Rares with high rolls that can be enhanced into Legendaries using Legendary Aspects. Although Rares can be exchanged, Legendaries are not transferable.