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Which adjustments do you expect to see in Diablo 3 patch 1.0.8?

3/6/2013 5:49:33 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]According to the official site news, the 1.0.8 Patch would come soon. The developer of Travis Day ahs announced some list of change thing would hopefully see in the new patch. The change of Mob density, Multi Craft and AH tooltip compare would probably release. There is no doubt that Blizzard try them best to stabilize the players loyalty and increase the playability to attract more players come back. However, Blizzard has realized how to communicate with players and decided to optimize the game to increase the player online time.

Before the 1.0.8 Patch arrived, we’d like to make investigation of which adjustments do you expected to see in the upcoming patch.

Mob density:

Do you remember the first time you enter into the Diablo III world? Facing the numerous and strong monsters, do you feel so exciting? In the upcoming new patch, the Mob density would adjust again. There is no need to farm Diablo 3 Gold at the same places, the density of monster would balance in the future. What do you think of it?

Multi Craft:

In the 1.0.7 Patch, the most interesting factor is the crafting system rather than the PVP system. The new function of Multi Craft would save more time for us to enjoy the game with friends. As you know, most of time has occupied by identifying items and crafting in Diablo III. To simplify the time on needless ting is excellent!


AH tool tip compare:

This adjustment is the most humanizing and highest hopes in the new patch. To compare the planed weapon with ourselves would help us make certain to buy Diablo 3 Items in Auction House quickly. As you can see, Blizzard aims to shorten the time of shopping in the AH.


The Itemization Update:

All the time, to farm Diablo 3 Items is the core of gaming experience in Diablo III. Finally, Blizzard decided to enhance the power of itemization in the future. In addition, the diversity of items would be increased. Except the attack speed, critical hit damage and critical hit chance, there are compelling alternatives you can choose! In addition, the function of “identifying all” will provide convenient way for players to choose the ideal items. Do you expect the adjustments? What would happen in the legendary items? Just stay tuned!