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Reaper of Souls Enchanting Mistakes and Skills Experience Share

1/14/2014 3:02:42 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Reaper of souls is coming and many people are busy enchanting. For the awesome function of new equipment system, there are few items worth keeping. This time let's discuss some pieces of enchanting worthy legendaries in ros and share what mistakes many players had made and skills to avoid them.


Tyrael's Might


Key Property: +5-15% damage to demons and _12% movement speed are great properties for Act IV& Act V demon farming. Unless you get better level 70 legendary chest armor, this one is undoubtedly the best.
Enchant Skill: enchant damage against elites to + vitality or armor
Mistake: enchant main properties. The fact is that level 63 item can reroll to a max 350 which is meaningless comparing with present number.


The Helm of Command



Key Property: +8% chance to block. Crusader in ros mainly relies on defense and block, with 34% block chance of stormshield, its block chance would be wonderful. 
Enchant Skill: reroll intelligence to strength. Keep properties like resistance to all element and crit hit chance in the random properties.
Mistake: choose the property that should be kept to reroll.


Tasker and Theo



Key Property: armor, socket, attack speed. In general, you can get one or two of critical hit damage and critical hit chance in the 2 random magic properties.  
Enchant Skill: reroll low main property to high and get one more socket. You can get 600+ main property improvement and keep the key properties at the same time in this way.
Mistake: use items with lower value to enchant. Usually it's not easy to find one with nice enchanting effects like this.


Ice Climbers



Key Property: socket, nice primary properties
Enchant Skill: reroll the low number to high or the not necessary one in the random properties
Mistake: keep no ice climbers in stock and just wait for lvl 70 one in ros. It depends on your luck, lol





Key Property: 34% chance to block, damage reduce
Enchant Skill: reroll resistance to all elements to vitality, or increase strength value.
Mistake: plan to play crusader without stormshield in stock


Wizard Off-hand: The Oculus



Key Property: socket, high dph
Enchant Skill: reroll damage against elites to vitality or resistant to all; If dph is low, reroll it high.
Mistake: enchant main properties.


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