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Discussion: Monk Worthy Legendary Equipment to Enchant in ROS

1/6/2014 3:57:44 PM

[Dablo 3 Guide]Before the coming of reaper of souls at March 25th, players have been discussing the topic that what legendary equipment is worthwhile to enchant in new expansion. Here we recommend some items worthy for monk. If you have better ideas, welcome to communicate with us. Note that this is for discussion, please don't take it as absolute conclusion.


1. Won Khim Lau



If the white damage is basically the same with other weapon after enchanting, it may have 2200+ white damage, 25% skill damage and 100% critical hit damage increase, which is awesome enough. New weapon in ros is weak in critical hit damage property.


2. Echoing Fury



If you failed to find a proper legendary weapon in ros, Echoing Fury is a good choice for you to enchant. 2200+ white damage and +0.25 attacks per second is useful in attack-speed-pursuit ros. It's nice to work with Won Khim Lau at the early stage in new expansion.


3. The Witching Hour



Attack speed increased by 9%, 45%+ critical hit damage, +12% life, resistance to all elements or freeze special effect. Enchant intelligence to high dexterity and get a wonderful defense & offence item. The belt is the only one item that has freeze effect. If you have the sword that can fight with monsters with freeze affix efficiently to work together, the power would be great.


4. Mempo of Twilight



+12% life, resistance to all elements, attack speed increased by 9%, sockets, critical hit chance increased by 6%. The helm still keeps its value and it's worthwhile trying to enchant in ros.