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Reaper of Souls Legendary/Set Items Special Materials Guide

1/8/2014 5:02:30 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]As we all know that crafting items is an important part in reaper of souls. Some legendary/set items in reaper of souls even need special materials to craft, which are dropped from specific leader monsters. In ros, your equipment influence game experience a lot. To follow the principle of self-found, players have to collect special materials to forge specific item.
So what materials are required to craft a legendary in ros? Where to get them efficiently? That's the topic we are going to talk about. A legendary sword and a set are selected as example here. You can take it as reference and know some useful information in advance. Let's see the details.


Cinder Switch


cinder switch


Cinder Switch increases the fire damage in battles and has 5 magic properties except special effect. Most of all, it can be equipped by any classes. To craft this item, you need to prepare flesh render, arcane dust, veiled crystal, forgotten soul, death's breath and living flame. The details are displayed below.


cinder switch crafting material


Flesh Render can be found in Garden of Hope with high rate. As to Living Flame, players can get it by killing Embodiment of Hatred Sao'Thall in Act IV. Or defeat Rhau'Kye, The Eye of Flame and Malfeas the Abhorrent,Hand of Corruption in layer 2 of scene The Sliver Spire to get.


Cain's Destiny Set


This set has 4 items in total and each has 6 magic properties. Set bonus is wonderful: 8% attack speed, 100% MF and 50% Exp. To craft this set items, you need 4 corresponding Ascended Armors, which you can get by farming Battlefield of Eternity. In general, they are not hard to find.

When you defeated Maghda she will drop Maghda's Tormented Soul randomly, with which you can forge level 70 Cain's Destiny (Cain's Fate in original version). There was test to prove that you can get 5 pieces with about 40 kill in adventure mode normal difficulty. So if you are lucky enough to get the lvl 70 Cain's Destiny Set crafting plan, try to farm the material in higher difficulty then go to blacksmith.


Cain's Insight


Cain's Insight


Cain's Insight crafting material


Cain's Habit


cain's habit



 cain's habit crafting material


Cain's Scrivener


cain's scrivener


 cain's scrivener crafting material






Sunder deals fire damage and has 5 random magic properties.


sunder crafting material


Quaking Vial is one of legendary crafting materials in ros. Legendary mace Sunder requires it to craft and you can farm it by killing sledge or hammersmash in Hell Rift. Choose the second quest The Light of Hope of Act IV and you can find the two monsters. See more details at the video below.

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