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Diablo 3 Console Version Bug Hotfix

9/9/2013 3:47:02 PM

It's just a few days after diablo 3 console version put on sale, and players found a bug that part of item sets can improve character core status permanently. Blizzard quality inspection department soon responded to it when receiving report. Then the first hotfix of console version was released early this morning. Players can fix the console bug with the hotfix, while those who have encountered it need to wait for patch (for ps3) or update (for XB360) at the end of this month.



The hotfix will fix four item sets core status bonuses problem, as the blue post shows. In a word, the hotfix is not the final solution, according to community manager. It's just a way to prevent new occurrences. There are no apologies and promises to compensate players till now. Before the update and patch, how should players deal with the bug? Will Blizzard entertainment be responsible for the loss? Or stop selling products temporarily?


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