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Share Links to Earn D3 Gold Coupon

9/6/2013 12:02:01 PM

As diablo3 new expansion is coming, d3 gold preparation becomes more and more important. A demand for gold is increasing, of course we always keep sufficient stock for you. Here’s a big discount activity hold to thank customers’ trust and support. The details are following:


Share the website links of at Google+, Facebook,Reddit or Twitter, and send your link address to us. We’ll provide you a discount coupon. With which you can enjoy 6% extra diablo 3 gold in an order.



-Your share account must have 10 or more friends
-You must share a website link to win the coupon, either homepage or others
-Send your link address to Diabloiiigold Facebook Manager

-The discount coupon can be used repeatedly in diablo3 gold orders
-This discount activity is long-term effective


It won’t take you much time to earn gold online. Just copy the link and send it out, you benefit a lot. So why not start?