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Diablo 3 will Improve Loot 2.0 to Weaken Auction House

9/5/2013 4:21:46 PM

According to Blizzard chief content designer Kevin Martens’s words in an interview, Diablo 3 will improve loot 2.0 to reduce players rely on auction house. Many people like to buy equipment at auction house first, and then star to experience the game, which is contrary to diablo 3 design idea. The trade between players become worse and worse. That should have been the last choice. Kevin Martens said.



Blizzard encourage people to earn powerful equipment by killing more monsters and leveling up, so they decides to change loot system to achieve that goal, as we guessed at A Conjecture of Diablo 3 Enchant System. The new system update will be synchronized with expansion Reaper of Souls. Besides smart drop, the drop rate of legendary items will be increased, and artisan that can keep item data and transmogrify. Moreover, there is a 20-minutes long new dungeon for players to farm and win rich rewards.

In a word, Blizzard try to solve the problem of auction house through the coming new expansion, loot 2.0 is a part of it. Anyhow, it’s an efficient way to turn players’ attention at the moment.