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A Conjecture of Diablo 3 Enchant System

9/2/2013 4:40:53 PM

[Diablo III]Players may feel exciting to know the Enchant System in diablo 3 new expansion. The system enables d3 players to diversify items, thus maximizing the fighting power with monsters. Before the development team published the details, let's make a conjecture of the system. You are welcome to join us.

According to relevant information we know by now, common items may become the materials of enchanting. If that's true, then MF will appear in a way of paragon Coins and equipment affix, instead of automatically acquisition by upgrading paragon level. Because MF won't influence the random value of affix, the same with common items' quality. While high MF could lower the drop rate of common items and increase legendary rate. The result is, players feel MF can no longer help equipment improvement and will mostly give it up to choose common items that may have unexpected affixes. In this way, Blizzard makes some players quit MF as their own wish, and then the chance to sell a wonderful item at auction house.

Diablo3 Enchant System has a high rate to improve equipment, so the long-time online players may use it often because it's hard for them to improve directly through items drop. So we can infer that players who spend long time on diablo 3 tend to collect common items for bound equipment improvement. Meanwhile, those who spend fractions of their time or less can't buy powerful equipment at auction house as today.  

The conclusion of this conjecture is, Enchant System and MF are opposite. The game will not come to the end because of Enchant System. On the contrary, it will lengthen the time of player online time, no matter new or old, and reduce the production and circulation of top equipment. In a way, it's the solution of auction house disorder.