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How to get prize easily in Diabloiiigold Member Activity on July

7/20/2013 9:17:20 AM

Greeting everyone! How is your Diablo 3 farming adventure? If you are boring about the monotonous game experience everyday, why not come to our store take part in the Diabloiiigold Member activity and get free gold as prizes. As long as you sign up this contest, you would get the 200 member Coins as the reward and the top prize about 200,000,000 gold is amazing! Would have a try? While, how to get prize easily in this contest? We would share tips with you here.


Tip1. Sign up get the member Coins. We explained the rules in the news page clearly that as long as you sign up this activity you would get 200 member Coins as reward. In Diabloiiigold, 100 member Coins = 5000k D3 gold. Of course, you should register to be our member at first. Hurry up!


Tips2. Share link with your friend. After the registration time finished, we would post the competitor list on news page. You can share the news link on your FACEBOOK, Blog or send email to your friend vote for you work. To use social media promote your works is a great choice! Good luck!


Tip3. Upload the gorgeous weapon you have on our page. There is no doubt that amazing weapon would very impressive and other visitor would vote for you. Of course, you can share your personal experience of getting this weapon and the skill build you playing. The interesting story and useful explanation would attack the attention.

This article aims to help players try the best to get the prize easily. Life is tough, why not take it easy and relax in the game? Hope you guys enjoy it and have more fun!