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Diabloiiigold Member Activity on July

7/16/2013 5:39:33 PM

[Diablo 3 Gold]Welcome to, this is the professional D3 gold service store which provides you instant delivery, comfortable 24 hours service everyday. No only you can enjoy the Diablo 3 series products, but also you can enjoy the other popular online game here. Bottom price, fast delivery and profession service always! Do you remember what you are doing at this time last year? Playing Diablo III or spending vocation with your friends? This year, you can come to Diabloiiigold take part in the contest no matter you are vacationing or gaming. Are you interested in?


As we all know, there are numerous weapon in Diablo III and they play very important role in the battle. Why not share your favorite weapon with us on Diabloiiigold FACEBOOK Page. You can upload the picture of your best weapon and leave your name, battle tag and email. In addition, you should tell us what attack you to own this weapon. If your works get the most votes in our site, you would get 200,000,000 gold as award. Sounds great?

For example:

Contest Rules

1.Upload the picture of your favorite weapon in Diablo III
2.Leave your name, battle-tag and email so that we can contact you and give you the prizes
3.We will post the participants list and works on our site, which one get the most votes would get the big prizes
4.After the contest completed, our FACEBOOK manager would contact you
5.Member Coins as award for you
6.Registration time: 2013/0716 - 2013/07/26  Voted Time: 2013/07/27-2013/08/02

1.The man who get most votes would get 200,000,000 gold as award
2.Each competitor can get 200 member Coins as award.