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Diablo 3 Wizard Skill Build Sharing

4/1/2013 11:59:53 PM

Welcome to, before the 1.0.8 patch coming. What is the most interesting in Diablo III? Except farming Diablo 3 Gold, that you can experience different skill build with different equipments. Now, we are glad to share the Wizard SKILL BUILD with our loyal customers. If you have another recommendations for Wizard you can post on our FACEBOOK get the free Diablo 3 Gold online!


This skill build different from the popular Wizard Build. The corresponding equipment need you to collect through farming rather than choosing your ideal weapon in the Auction House. When you has high critical hit damage, intelligence and +7% critical hit chance of blizzard that you can use this skill build. There is no skill build that don’t need to seriously consider the equipment. So, the reasonable equipment is the guarantee of maximizing the efficiency of this build. The high critical hit damage and grant 20 arcane is the key Coin in this build.


This skill build is innovative and practical, which is appropriate for the solo and team working. The equipment pursues the DPS need the fixed Diablo 3 items, but there are easy to search in the Auction House and the price are reasonable. The off-hand don’t need the critical hit damage, and you remember to find a off-hand which has increased spectral blade damage as well the main-hand has the life steal. The rest of items you should try your best to increase the DPS and EHP. The DPS would very substantial, and the Stone of Jordon would help you increase the highest 26% damage of spectral blade. If the other ring is the UNITY, the off-hand you can choose the Oculus.