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The Lighting Archon Wizard Leveling Build in 1.0.7 Patch (Inferno 3)

3/15/2013 5:13:29 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]The process of paragon level upgrading is full of difficulty and challenge. How can we arrive at the 100 levels fast and efficiency? Today, we would share the video of Wizard aims provide an ideal of what can we have done. More video of Diablo 3 Guide you can visit Diabloiiigold YouTube Channel.



From this video, you can notice the items for my Wizard is ordinary and awful. Just spend 20000k Diablo 3 gold on these items in Auction House, but it is enough to support me upgrade at 3MP. With the help of Archon all the time, I can totally sweep away the million of monsters. About the skill build, I chose three skills to increase the DPS. Meanwhile, the blood magic is the essential factor we can guarantee the viability. In addition, the Shock Pulse match with Diamond Skin would sharply increase 27% damage.


Moreover, the effect of Shocking Aspect with living lighting to decrease the CD is incredible as well as without the cost of arcane power. As you see, the effect of Shocking Aspect can cause 35% weapon damage after the critical hit, to match with the high frequency hit of Living lighting that would increase the damage sharply per second. To add the passive skill of Critical mass, all the skills which need the CD would be decreased.


In the end, the route of farming experience absolutely is the depth level 1-3, the Arreat Cater level 1-2 and fields of slaughter. You can choose your familiar battlefield.