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Which Diablo 3 Gold Coupon Code would you use?

3/4/2013 3:57:12 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]Welcome to the most popular Diablo 3 Gold store. After the Diablo III released from 2012, May 15th, our store has helped huge amounts of players get D3 Gold fast and easy. As you see, no matter the favorable gold or the professional Diablo 3 Guide that you can enjoy in there. Meanwhile, the efficient of Diablo 3 Power leveling by experts hot for sale now.

All the time, the regular customers have chance to get the coupon code enjoy discount. Recently, we want to make investigation on the discount code you have used in!

Coupon Code "D3G" and "D104"
If you are our loyal clients, you would be familiar with these two codes. Since the 1.0.4 Patch has published, we have provided these two codes for all the customers. The “D3G ” would reduce 3% cash for each order and “D104” present 5% free D3 Gold for each order.


Coupon Code "DDIB"
After the 1.0.7 Patch released, the requirements of Diablo 3 gold has sharply increased. To meet the demands of our clients, we released “DDIB” to every players get 6% free Diablo III Gold online.


Codes from customer service staff
About the orders which have problems of payment, our customer service staff would contact you through email at the first time. Meanwhile, we will provide the only code for each other enjoy the favorable.


Never used any codes
If you are the newbie in our store who never use any codes, we are glad you can read this article. Moreover, there are lots of coupon codes we would provide in the future. You should pay more attention on our news.


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