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The Analysis of Demon Hunter Popular Skill in PVP II

12/3/2012 5:53:16 PM

Recently, Jay announced there is no special PVP gear in the future. In other words, you should depend on your build to survive in upcoming Diablo III PVP. What do think about it? The previous news we shared the analysis of Demon Hunter Popular Skills in PVP. Now, we will continue to discuss the essential skills that would become popular in PVP. Of course, all of these are inferred by professional. This article is for you reference and discussion only.


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3. Other Popular Skill Choices
Sentry: There is no reason that we wouldn’t choose the skill which can support you escape over output. You’d better choose the Spitfire Turret to add 30% weapon damage fire. Obviously, you can’t rely on Sentry to heal you always.
Caltrops: As the strongest for Demon Hunter, Caltrops not only play an important role in escaping, controlling and causing high damage, but also the effect of immobilizing monster can’t be removed.
Spike Trap: Who can guarantee there is no one will with sharpshooter to release Spike Trap everywhere?


4. Passive Skills:

Apparently, if the forecast of passive skills is right, there are no doubt the passive skills you should choose these.
Tactical Advantage (required),
Perfectionist (almost required),
Archery (less required),
Steady Aim (less required),
Thrill of the Hunt (potential),
Custom Engineering (Alternative route)


Next, we would talk about the items.

First, life steal will useless in PVP. Blizzard weakens shadow power result Demon Hunter lack of recovery capability. How can we regenerate blood? Hits add life and regeneration life per second! For my personal view, the price of advanced weapons with these attributes would rise up in the future. As for which one would be better for you, for my personal view, the players armed with old Natalya can accelerate per second regenerate life. The players who equipped with new Natalya can increase hits add life. More chances you can hit monsters, more life you would regenerate! About the old Nataly, the price of legendary Nataly in AH is proved that will exceed any items. Well, it must be the legendary!


All of these are predicted by professional players, only for reference and discussions. The Diablo III PVP will coming soon, we should prepare for it in advance so as we won’t be killed by rivals. Welcome clients share informations of new PVP system with us on FACEBOOK. Meanwhile, the innovation code we post on Diabloiiigold Facebook Page. Why not come here get free D3 Gold? Thanks for visiting!