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The Analysis of Demon Hunter Popular Skill in PVP

12/1/2012 7:03:48 PM

1.Output Skills

There is no doubt the left click should choose Hungering Arrow + Devouring Arrow. Besides the high percentage of hitting the target, each consecutive pierce increases the damage of the arrow by 70%. In other words, the high output you can’t overlook it. Especially for PVP, Hungering Arrow is better than Entangling Shot. I supposed you will notice the price of Quiver in Auction House is higher than last month. Also, the legendary quiver is hard to buy it!

About the right click skill, I think the Impale is the suitable. We couldn’t overlook the 265% weapon damage. Even though the first runs of 65% critical damage can be recognized as strict skill. Excellent shot action and trajectory can ensure the percentage of hits. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt you at one time, but will be bother you a lot! If you neglect this skill, only few seconds the blood life will decrease. Of course, Blizzard probably adjusts the hits rate in PVP. However, the run of Grievous Wounds has 100% Critical Hits Damage. In other words, you can up to 365% damage.

2.Survival Skills

In fact, this is nothing to choose. DH commonly used in saving life nothing more than 3, Shadow Power, Vault, Smoke Screen. Shadow Power should withdraw from PVP because of the bloodsucking efficiency is too low. There is no practical significant, the only good news is debuff.

Next is Smoke Screen, irreplaceable skills. The fragile physique of Demon Hunter doomed it can not be controlled. Once you are restrictions, dizziness, fear, I believe you screen has turned into a black and white. The invisible of Smoke Screen play second role, solution of any negative is the most powerful role. Without Smoke Screen, there is no flexibility at all.

Finally is Vault, the god skills! Smoke Screen is impossible to use as a common skills due the high discipline consumption. Demon Hunter rely on what to increase flexibility? Naturally, Vault is the best choice! I did the test, perfectionist + Strategic Superiority + Vault + old Natalya + Preparation can support you unlimited Vault. Don’t count on the teammates, strive to survival is the most important thing.Last but not least, the Preparation is the essential skill for DH in PVP. There are 60% viability of DH rely on discipline rather than rage.


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