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3000000K Diablo 3 Gold Give Away for Three Days to Celebrate Thanksgiving

11/20/2012 4:29:10 PM

As we have made a poll about Thanksgiving activities at What Kind of Member Activities On Thanksgiving at, we have decided that to increase Winning Rate of Wheel of Fortune to meet the demand of our customers. Actually to reward your support and trust in our store, we would give away 3000000K Diablo 3 Gold in three days to celebrate Thanksgiving! Hurry to share this good news to your friends. We would promote this news at our site, facebook and youtube. It’s time for us to celebrate together!


Super Big Prize would come out in the three days at 500000K Diablo III Gold. The 3000000K D3 Gold would allocate at the three member activities which are Wheel of Fortune, Lucky Goblin and Lucky Bow and Arrow. But most gold would go to Wheel of Fortune and the super big prize will be born at Wheel of Fortune as well. Thanksgiving would be the perfect day for us to show that we value your trust and we want to give thanks to you, our dear customers. No matter how many times you have won or never win, this is a perfect time for you to change your history at our store now.


It is high time for you to reap what you Sow. DiabloIIIGold Activity Page includes all the activities we have in our store. For more information, click that special activity. As to the Wheel of Fortune, you can take part with your order number or the invitation code we release at our facebook page as well. You can actually use both means to increase the winning chance. Take the chance once in a blue moon!


Join us now and wait together to see who will win the super big prize. Remember to share your good news at our facebook page. There would be a YouTube Video Contest coming soon at our store. Just keep tuned.