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What Kind of Member Activities on Thanksgiving

11/7/2012 4:23:47 PM

In November, the biggest festival thanksgiving gives us the opportunity to reward our customers for the support and trust. But we are wondering, what kind of member Activities on Thanksgiving Day would be popular. Now there are three options under discussion. If you have some good ideas in mind, please leave your comment at our facebook page.


Limited-time Big Discount: It is true that you can still use the discount coupon ā€œD104ā€ and ā€œD3Gā€. But on that special day, we may give out a super discount for one hour or two. You can really enjoy the cheapest price in that moment. If this option wins most votes, then we would come out more detail information about the exact discount and hour.


Increase Winning Rate of Wheel of Fortune: If you are careful enough, you would find that the winning rate for this activity has been doubled especially on Weekend. But if this option wins, we may increase the winner number on that day to 6 or more. May be four winners are with the order number and the other winners are with the invitation code.


Order Number Raffle: This idea works like this we would take a raffle at the November orders. The first winner would win about 100000K D3 Gold. And the other winners would share another 100000K. This is just an idea at this time. As to how many winners share the remaining 100000K, you can decide in the following days.


Of course, if you have other creative ideas to express the them of Thanksgiving, you can tell us at our feedback page or facebook page. Then we would give your idea a vote as well. Do not hesitate to share your good ideas with us. Come and join us at facebook community.