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Monster Power 10 Dual Wind& Seismic Slam Build for D3 Barbarian

10/24/2012 11:39:05 AM

I think most Barbarian players have tried Monster Power 10 where normal monsters are with the high damage like the Inferno Elites. Let alone the super Elites. Those who can play in Monster Power 10 without move are definitely with awesome equipment. But in my personal opinion, this would lose the essence of Diablo 3 although without movement is easy and efficient. Flexible movement and excellent control are the true feeling of playing game.


Barbarians with Whirlwind& Sprint Build account for more than 70%. But when you reach MP 7, you will find this build is a little weak. It feels like that you are always spinning for almost 10 minutes and the screen dizzy but the monsters are still alive. It is really frustrating. But now I would recommend a build for you: Dual Wind& Seismic Slam.


This build is reasoned out through the Dual Wind- Whirlwind and Sprint. I have tested this build through Monster Power 7-10. The efficiency is really obvious. Wind left by Sprint and Rumble caused by Seismic Slam can cause enormous AOE damage. I have tested this in Monster Power 10 on korsikk bridge where I can solve half screen monster in about 5-10 minutes.



Here I would like to discuss about key elements here. The advantage of the Whirlwind& Sprint is the mobility and can create sustaining damage. But the disadvantage is obvious as well that the damage caused is too low and not able to meet the requirement in latter times. It would be solved in combination with a long-sustained, high damage skill. A lot of players would recommend Hammer of the Ancients. But the drawback of this skill is that the damage area is too small especially in 10MP where the number of monsters is unimaginable. As a result, I choose Seismic Slam. 



Seismic Slam- Rumble: This skill would bring continuing damage after Rumble. Then use the Battle Rage- Into the Fray you can get consistent Fury restore, and give consistent damage.


This Build is very easy to use: War Cry+ Battle Rage-> Sprint-> Wrath of the Berserker-> Seismic Slam. You should always maintain the aftershocks of Whirlwind and Sprint and the Fury would be full. So the Wrath of the Berserker would remain.


With the updates and development of 1.0.5, we would bring you with latest news. Keep tuned.


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