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Diablo 3 Hammer of the Ancients 1.0.5 Patch Barbarian Detailed Guides

10/20/2012 3:36:25 PM

Patch 1.0.5 has been online for almost four days for D3. All classes have been improved greatly especially the Barbarian. Currently Barbarian can be regarded as one of the most powerful class in this version. Persistent high DPS damage is the feature of Barbarian, a perfect perpetual motion machine.



Barbarians rely on the Fury to give out high damage skills. Steady stream of Fury is the key for Barbarian. After patch 1.0.5, the War Cry has been nerved a lot. But BATTLE RAGE- Into the Fray has been modified, the time has increased from 30 seconds to 120 seconds. The attack speed, especially the Whirlwind & Sprint Build, high critical hit chance through the passive effect (“While under the effects of Battle Rage, Critical Hits have a chance to generate 15 additional Fury”) can get steady Fury.



With continued Fury recover skill, Barbarians need a high critical hit damage skill. Here I would recommend one of the most powerful skills: HAMMER OF THE ANCIENTS- Smash.


1.0.5 patch Barbarians has another modification: “HAMMER OF THE ANCIENTS has a 1% increased Critical Hit Chance for every 5 Fury that you have”.


Obtain the fury through skill Battle Rage, under the full Fury, use the skill HAMMER OF THE ANCIENTS to attack, and this is the newest build for Barbarians: Unlimited Hammer of the Ancients Build.



Rend- Blood Lust: The 9% damage caused by Rend can be transferred into life. This can be a transient skill to save the Health.


War Cry- Impunity: Although it only enhances 20%, it still has certain effects especially above Monster Power. The effects of Resistance and Armor have been very obvious.


Battle Rage- Into the Fray: One of the key skills, depends on Critical Hit Damage to get back the Fury.


Wrath of the Berserker- Thrive on Chaos: It is one of the essential skills after Patch 1.0.5 because crowd control skill is especially important in the Monster Power. The Health has increased enormously and the control skills chance has been increased.


Bash- Onslaught: This depends on players’ choices. I choose this skill normally. 2 reverberations effect can bring out more Fury.


Hammer of the Ancients-Smash: Strike a small area for 406% weapon damage. This skill is one of the main damage output skill.


Passive skill choices: Weapons Master, Ruthless, Superstition. Except for the previous two, the Superstition can be changed according to personal preference. If your life steal is not enough you can change it into Bloodthirst.


Below is the sheet number of my character:



I can clear dungeons under Monster Power 5-7 at ease. Players can regard my character figures to choose the right equipment.


We would bring the HALLOWED STORM for Barbarians next time. Just keep tuned.