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Diablo 3 Barbarian Monster Power 7 Shield Build

10/22/2012 11:25:58 AM

Patch 1.0.5 gave birth to the Monster Power 1-10. Most players are struggling between Monster Power 3-5. It would feel a little tough when the MP exceeding 5 which is especially obvious in the Inferno Machine task.


Mainstream Barbarian can be divided into following types: Whirlwind & Sprint Build, Two-handed Rend Build, Hammer of the Ancients Build and the One-Handed Shield Build which a lot of players are reluctant to try. In fact, today, I would recommend this One-Handed Shield Build for you. Although this does not owing high DPS as two One-Handed Weapons, the effect is much better than the latter one. A lot of players do not know how to choose good One-handed weapon and shield in patch 1.0.5 version.


Weapon and Shield Recommendation:



HALLOWED STORM: This weapon comes after the update of patch 1.0.4. This Axe owns amazing power from the Heaven. Main stats of this weapon: Strength, socket, life steal, critical hit damage, if with DPS 800+, then you should buy it decisively. But currently the hallowed Storm with life steal and critical hit damage are scarce. If you can not find the suitable one, then you can abandon the critical hit damage. You can make up for it with a 100% critical hit damage gem in the socket.



HALLOWED DEFENDER: “Based upon a damaged angelic shield recently unearthed and subsequently identified as dating from the very earliest days of the world”. The style of this shield is very impressive. Although it do not have the Monster Relief effects, but the chance to block is very high. With the combination of the Hallowed Storm and get the set effect, it can be regarded as the perfect weapon now. In choosing the Hallowed Defender, you must choose the shield with critical hit chance one.


Equipment Display:



This combination is a little like angel regardless the practicality and the style.


Skills recommendation: Whirlwind& Sprint Build



I have tried 3-5 builds, but chose the Whirlwind& Sprint finally. This build feels no pressure under Monster Power 7. Here I would recommend players that: The essence of this build is the whirlwind every 4 seconds. You have to cover all the Bosses and Monsters with the whirlwind. Then you can get life through life steal to get health back. Some Barbarians just use the Whirlwind without purpose and lead to the cooldown of the Whirlwind before it is triggered. This is equal to not releasing the skill at all.


More fascinating builds would come in the future. Just keep tuned.