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Member Activity Page Online to Win Prize

10/19/2012 5:30:14 PM

Have you noticed that we have included all our member activity into one page which you can find at the column? Currently there are four activities in which some are free and some are discount coupon for you to save money. And now we would clarify these activities by free or order number needed.


Wheel of Fortune can be participated both by your order number or the free invitation code. Invitation code would be unveiled at the news part or on our facebook page. The invitation code would be released on a daily basis and can be used by members once a day. And every order number you make can take part in this activity as well. As the winning chance is 25%, you can definitely win something in this activity. And the invitation code for 2012/10/19 Wheel of Fortune is “CODE-IDOE3234SDACI”. Try your luck!


Lucky Goblin needs the order number to take part in. First, you should make your order at a special page in which the price is all the results after discount. Then with the order number, you go to the raffle page to try your luck. The prize is the 30%- 100% D3 Gold of your order. If you are lucky enough, you can win as much as 400 Million Diablo 3 Gold. This is enough for you to get several pieces of really awesome Legendary items in the auction house.


Lucky Bow and Arrow is a totally free activity. But one chance a day. It is easy to operate. For more information, you can go to our Activity Page.


Two Coupons Codes are for you to save money. There are two coupons and one is to get additional gold and the other is to get the cash discount. You can choose as you like. But remember to click “CHECK” to get the discounted results to avoid dispute.


All the information about these activities can be found at our Activity page. Check it and join us.