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D3 Hellfire Ring Boss Guide

10/18/2012 4:56:12 PM

The Hellfire Ring forge components can be found in the official site which I will not discuss there. Now I would talk about the Boss experience. My character is a Witch Doctor, 110K DPS, 3300 Armor, 600 all resistance, 50K Health, 1700 Life on Hit and Zombie Bears & Acid Rain build. My teammate is a Monk 40K DPS, 5K Armor, 700 all resistance, 40K Health with a Shield. The reason for the shield is that in most cases, Monk is to get the attention of the monsters.


King Leoric and Maghda is cleared easily under Monster Level 5,. You only have to kill King Leoric first because when the health of Maghda decreases to a certain extent, she will open invincible shield and summon minions. You have to slay all the minions then you can defeat the Maghda. Skeleton would summon Minions as well which result that you have to kill Skeleton king and his Minions first then kill Maghda with her invincible shield. One tip for you, there is a bug in the King Leoric. When he is walking actually he is giving the Whirlwind. So when he raises his hand, you should stay away from him.


Ghom and Rakanoth is our most troublesome combination because the Monk can barely fight in the smog of Ghom. The teleport smash of the Rakanoth can consume half of my health. Then you have to separate the combination at first. Monk fights the Rakanoth with his strong vitality. My Witch Doctor with the high DPS is to kill the Ghom. Pay attention to that the Soul Ripper as the minions of the Rakanoth has the ability to beat back and with high damage. The vomit insets of the Ghom are with high DPS as well. So I would personally recommend the Witch Doctor to choose the skill Zombie Bears to attract the attention of the minions.


Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle would be easy to kill under Monster Power 5. Monk distracts the Siege Breaker. And my Witch Doctor focues on the eradication of Zoltun Kulle. And the Deceleration Cover and Rockfall are the skills you should pay attention to cause the previous one would slow your attack speed to an unbearable speed and the latter one would give out high DPS damage. As the Zoltun Kulle would disappear sometimes and come out again, it would be better if you take the skill Haunt. You will be able to track down the Kulle with the Haunt. What’s more, in patch 1.0.5, Witch Doctor gets short of Mana. The last rune of Haunt Draining spirit would bring the Mana effect.


Monk was lucky enough under Monster Power 5 and collected the all three components of the ring but I just got 1. So when we fight again, we take a Barbarian and choose the Monster Power 7. The Barbarian are with the same DPS as I 110K DPS. Then Witch Doctor and Barbarian fight Ghom and Kulle together while Monk distracts the Rakanoth and Siege Breaker.


Below is the HELLFIRE RING I forge for my Witch Doctor. More information about the D3 guide would come out daily. Keep tuned.