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Good News for DiabloIIIGold fans

10/16/2012 5:13:42 PM

There are several piece of news we would like to share with you. First of all we would like to give our thanks to our customers and fans for the support and feedback. Because of you, we are making progress.


Number 1, Patch 1.0.5 would come in just a few hours. Inferno mode is the beginning of Diablo 3. then Monster Power would give D3 players a little challenge. We can not help wondering that how long will it take for the first player to conquer the Monster Power Level 10 while the Paragon Level 100 has been completed by top players.


Number 2, DiabloiiiGold Facebook has been online for 2 Months. Our facebook community has acted as a tool for our customers to give us the instant feedback. Our service is not perfect, so you can complain there. But it would be appreciated that you use civil words. We would solve the problem for you. And every piece of feedback would make our service better. Of course, when you appraise us for the service, we are more than happy. This is the result of our effort. So if you really care about the posts we post on the facebook, it would be perfect if you would make comment below to show that you really care.



Number 3, Facebook 100 Likes is around the corner. Thank you all for the click of “Likes” for us. You can not imagine how this means to us. This is the approval of our work. If you find our D3 Gold price is really satisfactory, you could share our site with your friends. And now the Patch 1.0.5 certainly requires you to update your equipment.


Number 4, the invitation code for Wheel of Fortune 2012/10/16 is “CODE-8YSDJ377DSOXGE”. If your luck wins something for you, remember to share this good news on our facebook to cheer other players. If you do not win something, you can comment there as well to share your feelings.


We would sincerely hope that these four pieces of good news will make your day. Your feedback is always welcome.