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New Service: WOW & GW2 Gold, CD Key and Power Leveling for Sale

10/13/2012 4:32:42 PM

To meet the demand of our customers, we now launch the new business service WOW Gold and GW2 Gold for sale. If you are a online player, you are definitely aware that the Mists of Pandaria and Guild Wars 2 are really hot game now which can match the game Diablo 3 in player scale. So the MOP Gold and Guild Wars 2 Gold for sale are the wise decision to meet the market demand.


Discount Coupon “PGW”for WOW & GW2 Gold to enjoy 5% Discount. If you are a customer who have been buy Diablo 3 Gold in our store previously, you would find the fact that our price is always cheaper than other stores. Now, if you quit playing Diablo III or just wait the patch 1.0.5, you can transfer to the Guild Wars 2 and Mists of Pandaria. We are always ready to help you with the cheapest WOW Gold and Guild Wars 2 Gold price.



Wheel of Fortune activity have free WOW& Guild Wars 2 CD Key as rewards. If you still do not have the cd keys for these two games, you can buy them in our store as well. Let’s take World of Worcraft for example. First Choose the World of Warcraft US. Then you will be represented with the order page where you can choose Buy Gold, Power Leveling and CD-Key. Click CD-Key and you will see the time card and cd key here.

Comprehensive power Leveling service are prepared for you. When you are directed into the WOW Power Leveling order page, you will find that the service we offer are really considerate and comprehensive. There are Custom, Profession, Honor, Arena Coins, Reputatios Epic, Mount Quest, Achievement and PVE power Leveling. We would offer the excellent service for you as long as there is demand from our customers. If you are a wow loyal players and want to play the new profession Monk in the Mist of Pandaria, then you can choose us to give fast power Leveling for you. Friendly and enthusiastic customer service are always ready to help you.



Now the invitation code for the Wheel of Fortune 2012/10/13 is “CODE-MMAD8HVN89AAD”. Take the chance to win MOP and GW2 CD-Keys.