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Poll: Will Monster Power Bring Diablo 3 Players Back

10/12/2012 5:34:11 PM

A lot of players quit playing D3 as this game can not challenge them. But meanwhile a lot of players are struggling in the Inferno Act III with the Paragon Level. The items in the auction house are over-priced and prevent the normal players to get the items they want. Now the Monster Power seems to bring the good news for the Diablo 3 players. How about your opinion? Do you think that Monster Power will bring D3 players back?


For top players who can clear the Inferno Act 3 easily, Monster Power 10 would be your next goal. Of course there would be big award for you when your MP scales. But for those who have reached paragon level 100, there is no meaning for the XP reward. The monsters are only increased by damage and health, no new skills. So it would be a little boring for those who have slain the Elites by thousand times.


For normal players, this is a great chance to get the items level 63. As you can still farm Act I and get the same items level drop price. As the items level drop chance is the same, I am wondering there maybe the situation that most the players go to the Act 1 and challenge the MP10 instead of Act III for the MP10.


If you still have difficulty in the Inferno Mode Act III, then you can check the news part regarding the Class Skill Build articles. Of course, the cheap Diablo 3 Gold are always in sufficient stock which can help you buy the Legendary d3 items in the auction house to prepare for the Monster Power. The related skill builds are as follows:

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