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Wheel of Fortune 10 Days Celebration

10/11/2012 3:50:09 PM

The diabloiiigold member activity Wheel of Fortune has been hold for 10 days. And it is successful as more than 350 players have participated in this activity. 85 players have been lucky enough to win the prize. Players d**[email protected] have been lucky enough to win twice with a prize of Mists of Pandaria CD key and an award 100000K Diablo 3 Gold. Then how about you?


If you still not understand this activity, we would like to explain it here. You must sign up and become an member of our store so we can send you the prize you win. There are two ways to join this activity.


1. Order Number. Every time you make an order in the normal order page, and you will get an order number. Then put in the order number in the Wheel of Fortune blank and then click start. You will see what your luck brings you. If you make 3 order and every order number can take part once. Now the winning chance is about 25%. You are certain to win something. As there are Guild Wars 2 CD Key and Mists of Pandaria CD Key awards, you can try a new game if you want without paying to won an account. What a blessing is this, now come and join us.


2. Invitation Code. Every day, we will release one or two invitation code on the facebook or at the news part. If we have one invitation on facebook and another code in the news, then you will have two chances to join this Wheel of Fortune activity without paying anything. With the order number you make in our store, then you are destined to win something. Share this good news with your D3 friends and make them benefits.


This picture is only parts of the winner list. You can check it at our Wheel of Fortune page. Have you found your name on the list?



Take your time as we can not predict when we will close this activity. And the invitation code for 2012/10/11 is “CODE-8UASJD3KZSD9KN”.