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Choose Your Diablo 3 Class- episode 2

5/14/2012 2:19:50 PM

Now we come back to previous chapter, and this time we would talk about the long-range characters Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor and Wizard. To make your choice of Diablo 3 class easier, we would analysis them from the skills and class introduction.


Demon Hunter: They rely on bows and arrows, deadly traps and shooting weapons to solve those intrusion into their world diablo. Remote weapons; long distance shooter III. Weapons, including longbow, crossbow guns, grenades, throwing weapons, dual-held crossbow gold. Trap; the Use of Mines, nail claw thorns or steel barbed trap to weaken the enemy. Shadow Magic; hidden in the dark, confusing others, and then walking in the shadow between destroying the enemy. Fighting skills; use of Impale arrows to get the enemy remained in the distance, or through Entangling Shot to reduce enemy speed. The enemy approaching, throwing a Smoke Screen to escape.


Witch Doctor: Occupational Description: good at summoning beasts, undead, and ghost to assist in the battle. The witch doctor is witchcraft, curses and poison experts. Pets: summon ghouls, zombies, bats, spiders. They replace the master battle. Destruction of the attack; the etching of the cloud, the terror of the Swarm class magic on a large group of enemy damage. Curse and witchcraft; the ability to summon several of curse, weakening poison, plague of corrosion and energy of stealing the soul life and vitality. Control of the battlefield; the enemy's body and the mind becomes crazy out of control, limit the strength of their operations. According to the statistics of official facebook, it is the one players choose least.


Wizard: Up till now, wizard is the most popular class in the diablo 3 class choice. Occupational Description; Use his body as a conductor of Arcane. Manipulation of the various forces to disintegrate, burning and freezing their enemies. Proficient elements; cracked flame, Lightning Bolt, Frost bombardment and Whirlwind attack under their command. Range attacks; the cone and the bombardment of an attack a horde of enemies. Conjuration of protection: change skin for the Hard Rock, produce mirror confuse the enemy, and to harm or slow down the enemy. Endless energy: always display them weak spell, growing to a certain force.

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