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D3 Two-Handed Weapon Monk Clear Inferno Act 3 in 30 Minutes Guides

10/10/2012 4:16:19 PM

Basically the vast majority of players can easily clear Inferno Act 3. The only difference is only the time cost in the dungeon. It may caused by the Diablo 3 Items or the skill build. But now there are 100K+ DPS players everywhere even me a grass-root player can reach 100K+ DPS.


Now the D3 Items of players can slay the Act 3 Inferno monsters in one second. And the Elite is slain in about 5 seconds. So there is no privileged player. Even the privileged player has too cast skills to kill the monsters.


In this time of Diablo 3, choose the most efficient build is of great importance. 34% movement speed + Tempest Rush is the most efficient one. But most players can not use this build to get sustained attack. Sometimes it is the cast that running into monsters and not even able to give out the Wave of Light. This time, I would share the build to give you the unlimited Wave of Light in the high speed.


Essential Equipment Requirements:

1. Skorn: There is no other choice, Dexterity 300+, Life Steal and sockets not that expensive as the expensive ones are always those with +Strength and Life on Hit. So you can rest assured to go to the auction house. Life steal is of great importance because in later times it will save your life. Later high Critical Hit Chance and High Critical Hit Damage will kill yourself when you encounter the anti-damage Monsters if you do not have the Life Steal with 100K DPS.


2. Ring + 2 Spirit Regeneration. Basically you can choose Jordan’s Stone. It will be perfect if the ring is with the critical hit chance of Wave of Light.


3. Helmet+ 2 Spirit Regeneration. Spirit Regeneration is vital just like Fury to Barbarian. You can use more times of Wave of Light if you have fast Spirit Regeneration.


4. Boots and Pants + movement speed.


Skill and Runes are as follows:



Skill Choices Introduction:

Fists of Thunder: If you are with the Wave of Light Two-Handed Build, Fists of Thunder is a connection skill for you to grab the awesome position. The teleport effect can increase your mobility in Act III greatly and clear a way out in packs of Monster.


Tempest Rush: Always keep this skill available except when you are in a battle. Of course, if you are in Spirit saturation, you can ignore this.


Blazing Wrath: A lot of players like to have the Blinding Flash to save life. But I would like to say this skill is for players under 50K DPS. In 100K DPS, the DPS increase is the good choice. 


Serenity: This is the iconic skill of Monk. There is no need for me to explain. Rune Ascension is kept for emergency.


Empowered Wave: If you are to use Wave of Light, then Rune Empowered Wave if your choice.


Mantra of Conviction: in the latter part, the Passive Skill One with Everything can be ignored. Conviction can increase your equipment and the only one to increase DPS greatly.


Passive Skills Choices: I would recommend the three passive skills for you which are The Guardian’s Path, Chant of Resonance and Exalted Soul. This match can make you always with enough Spirit in Act 3. There is no case for you to be short of Spirit. There is not much rules in the control. 1-3 monsters you can use Fists of Thunder, 5-6 monsters with Wave of Light decisively. Always keep the Tempest Rush in preparation.


Recommend Routes: Choose the Task Arreat Crater. This build is really efficient. Just 30 minutes to get finished. Now take your time to have a try.


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