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Diablo III Poll: Which Kind of D3 Items Legendary Set are You On

10/9/2012 5:16:47 PM

There are five fabulous set of D3 Items Legendary in Diablo III. They are the motivation for players to farm the same routine day and night. If the drop is one of the legendary items, it makes your day. But if you do not have the luck to farm it yourself, you can go to the Auction House to buy one for your character. This time, we would like to make a Diablo III poll about which kind of D3 Items Legendary set are you on. Select the option and make the difference.


Diablo 3- Five D3 Items Legendary Set introduction:


NATALYA’S SIGHT is the ultimate set for the Demon Hunter. Critical Hit Chance Increased by 7.0%, +130 Dexterity, +20 Maximum Discipline. These four sets attributes are really considerable, especially for those Puncturing Arrow Build Demon Hunter. I t would be a perfect choice. The most important attribute is that the improvement of the Discipline which can increase the duration of skills and damage of Demon Hunter.



IMMORTAL KING’S ETERNAL REIGN +60 Resistance to All Elements and the accumulation of other parts can increase the viability o Barbarian in the Inferno Mode greatly. What’s more the effect to remain the Fury is great obvious. In Act III, Barbarian should Sprint without problem. This set has increased the efficiency of the Sprint and Whirlwind Build which enhance the chance to farm Diablo 3 Legendary items.




For Diablo 3, Wizard set is not so good. But after the patch 1.0.4, the elemental damage of the set has been updated. So this revives the needs for Wizard to get a Legendary Set. With your own skill Build, the output damage is very impressive.




INNA’S TEMPERANCE is the ultimate set of the Monk. +12% Movement Speed and the stats improvement of other aspects have enable Monk to give out maximum damage under Inferno Mode. Some players think that Monk will never encounter the shortage of Spirit. This is not true. A real master Monk Player will always feel the Spirit is not enough. The control of the Spirit is very important. The more the better. As the Pants have two sockets, you can insert two Vitality gems to improve the viability of the Monk.




BLACHTHORNE’S SURCOAT is the most demand one for all classes. The key Coin is the +100 Vitality. Many players can not clear the Inferno Act III and the important reason is the shortage of Health Globe. So I would personally recommend less health Globe players to choose one pants and one pair of shoes of BLACHTHORNE’S set. This can increase the chances of survival.


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