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Witch Doctor Build for Diablo 3 Common Players

10/8/2012 5:24:20 PM

I have seen too much luxury build with fabulous legendary items. But as I do not have so much Diablo 3 Gold, previously I can only farm in the Act I in inferno mode. This is intolerable for a Witch Doctor. Now I invent this build for Diablo 3 common players.


As the pet has been strengthened in patch 1.0.4 (in fact, the pets are more resistant to damage), you can use Pet and Followers to attract damage and stand behind to output damage.


First, let’s take a look at the requirement of the Follower Templar equipment. Actually there is only one Coin which are the Vitality. Amulate and Relic should have +200 vitality, rings +150 vitality. The shield should choose + vitality and % Life. If possible, every D3 items should increase the percentage of the Life. With this principle, the Templar can at least have 80K health Blood.

Regarding this set of Build, the critical place is the Rune Widowmakers of Corpse Spiders and passive skill Vision Quest. We must ensure that you are always under Vision Quest effect and the Spiders are in battle. If so, you would not encounter the lack of Mana.


As to the Gargantuan rune choices, I would personally recommend Humongoid or Big Stinker to increase the efficiency of clear packs of Monsters.


The ultimate idea of this build is to let the Humongoid and Templar to fight in front to take the damage. Use the Grasp of the Dead to slow the movement of monster and remain the Mana Buff. Then the Firebats pour enormous output damage.


In the face of the Elite monsters, use the skill Spirit Walk to escape the chasing. Then the Follower and the Gargantuan will teleport to you. Use them to take the damage and give the steady damage output.


Of course, if you encounter very tricky Elites, it is necessary for you to use Soul Harvest. An increase in the damage and Spirit Walk in 3seconds, with Spirit Vessel, you can take down all the Champions at ease.


This build is a little like the Bear Push Build. But the difference is the increase of the output distance. And it is safer. But because the enhanced vitality of the Pets, this can increase the time to give out damage.


The advantage of this build is that there is no equipment requirements. Relatively little Diablo 3 Gold investment and easy output, you can deal with most situations.


The disadvantage is the Firebats ballistic is unpredictable. But when you get used to this skill, this is not a problem. What’s worse, when you encounter the fast running Elites, it would be a disaster. But you can kite-fly the monsters and then fight and run.


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