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Build Based on Legendary off-handed Homunculus of Witch Doctor in 1.04

10/7/2012 4:04:13 PM

With the 1.04 version coming, the Witch Doctor’s Zombie Dog has been enhanced targeted, while the appearance of new legendary item Homunculus brings wider stage for the zombie dogs. Today, we will discuss about the Witch Doctor’s build which based on the Homunculus in 1.04.


We can see from the picture that the Homunculus’ item level is not high actually, but this will not cover its highlights slightly. Only with regard the reducing 20 second CD of summoning zombie dog can it proves its value.

If possible, we can add a helmet just like the one below to function to the best.


At the beginning, let’s look at a set of relatively extreme build.


This build needs not so much Mana, so as for the other equipments, we’d better choose high damage to guarantee certain survival ability.


We can make a slight change of the choices of rune according to the feeling in the battle, the more the monster, the more advantage we have, while it may be a little difficult when facing a BOSS who did not summon any minion.


Next, we will take a look at another set of build which is more balanced than the one above.


As comparing with the former build, giving up many runes that can increase zombie dogs, the possibility is slightly slower to sacrifice madly. However, we can get a gargantuan of 30 second CD and a zombie dog of 10 second CD.


We can attack cooperate with pets and the breakout sacrificed madly when facing different situation. After all, the pets in 1.04 has been upgrading well. We can get a wonderful review as long as choosing a main attack skill according to equipment.


The biggest shortcoming of this build is lacking of effective method of restoring Mana and has no Spirit Vessel. If the Witch Doctor’s equipment prefers high damage, then we’d better output skill after selecting, some appropriate kill to restore attribute and pick-up range will assist you survival better.


Basically this type of build is combined with around Homunculus and the Coin is the CD of zombie dogs and sacrifice skill.

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