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Legendary Items Recommendation for Diablo 3 Wizard

10/6/2012 2:36:46 PM


The launch of Diablo 3 1.0.5 is around the corner. All the legendary weapons in auction house are much cheaper than usual. So does the Diablo 3 gold. Since the new patch 1.0.5 will not change the attribution of legendary items, kinds of old legendary items won’t exist. Only new legendary Diablo3 items will appear. It is a good choice to equip several cheap and powerful legendary items to promote your character.

Here I would like to introduce three essential legendary gears: Vile Ward, the Witching Hour and the Triumvirate.




Vile Ward: It is one the most vicious shoulders. Many gamers lack the attribution of resistance. However, the resistance and defense are the key Coins after the launch of the new patch 1.0.5. High intelligence, full resistance, armor and high MF, all these properties are necessary for Wizard.




The Witching Hour: Discovered in the latter stage of patch 1.04, the Witching Hour is not known by many gamers. The attack speed and critical hit damage are so attractive. This kind of belt is often used by gamers who own 20w or 30w damage. The full attack speed is 10%, full critical hit damage 40%. So what are waiting for? Find your Witching Hour.



Triumvirate: Combining with three elements of the nature, Triumvirate is the best choice for freezing crit wizard. 8% critical hit chance and 5 arcane power of each critical hit are very useful for wizard. What’s more, the three elements are also highlights of this item. Never ignore the 5.6% damage.


The above is all the recommendation for today. If you have any needs please contact us directly or visit our facebook page. Welcome your next visit.

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