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Diablo 3 Wizard Build Sharing

10/4/2012 4:39:32 PM


Diablo 3 is a simple and violent game. You will agree the idea when you conduct 20w~30w damage and kill the monsters in a second. As the time goes, many gamers have accumulated much experience about the game. Many different builds are flourishing. Wizard is always a hot profession. The lightening & poison build and the crit & freeze build are loved by many gamers. However, these builds demand familiar and complicated operation. They are not easy to conduct. Today I want to share the violent static build with you.


Let’s take a look at the skills at first.




Energy Twister-Storm Chaser: This skill is a standard choice for most Wizards in the later stage. For each hit you can get regeneration and stole the health, you will get more blood when there are more wind charges.
Archon-Improved Archon: This build is used to deal with mobs. Choose the Force Armor. You will kill more monsters. And the Energy Armor will be kept longer. You need to choose the high damage skill to kill the monsters faster so that you can keep your Force Armor longer.
Diamond Skin, Energy Armor: The two skills are the standard.
Magic Weapon, Familiar: Choosing the conjurations that add the spell damage is a bold option. Suppress everything by damage. Because the higher the damage is, the more life you absorbing will be. This is also one of the necessary conditions of becoming a static wizard.


Passive skills: Critical Mass, Glass Cannon and Blur. The Glass Cannon and Blur have a complementary effect. Critical Mass is a key skill to reduce the cooldown of all skills. The CD of Archon is too long, which reduce the efficiency of the output. So choosing the Critical Mass to reduce the cooldown is a good way.




We have introduced the key Coin of every skill. In fact, it is very easy to use. Keep the effect of Magic Weapon and Familiar, and then use the Archon. Click the right bottom to attack the monster until they all die. My weapon is   with 5% life stealth, so I can stand among the monsters to attack them. This build is very useful. You can have a try. By the way, our store is your best place to buy Diablo 3 gold.

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