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Barbarians' weapons comprehensive explanation in Diablo 3 1.0.5 patch!

10/3/2012 6:38:43 PM

The Diablo 3 1.05 patch is coming. With the change of Rune and Skills, as well as the difficulties strengthen again. There are 10 difficulties level for players to choose. In the different level you will get different MF. In all aspects of properties, monster has greatly improvement, especially in blood. After experienced 1.05PTR testing, we summed

To match with a perfect combat set is one thing you must do before the advent of in 1.05. In the 1.05 Patch, the equipment hasn’t particularly changes, but improve double drop of legendary equipment chance so players can set mind at rest. Just to prepared enough D3 Gold to select some equipment in the 1.04 version to upgrade DPS. Due to the prices are relatively low, only spend 10 w Diablo3 Gold that will be able to buy 800 + very good weapons in auction house.


How do I choose the suitable equipment? (Here take Barbarians for example, we will bring more comprehensive analysis of the occupation later)Basically, the attribute should put the first place to consider. To know what is your necessary that is the most important thing !



Monster blood has improved significantly after the advent of 1.05. To choose a good weapon is the critical Coins whether you can go on. The life steal, socket, Critical Damage, Strength, Vitality, these five attributes is necessary for weapons. If you don’t pursue the perfect weapon, you can give up Vitality. The higher the critical damage the higher percentage of life steal and per hit add life is considerable .In the later, the per hit add life no longer belong to Barbarians in 1.0.5 Patch. Because per hit add life fixed, it is more suitable for fast attack monks.

Immortal King’s Triumph is a great choice! You can socket a Red Gems to add experience in addition better to enhance the paragon level. The life percentage and critical damage is high, the price is quite cheap. It absolutely a good choice!.
Immortal King’s Tribal Binding. About 2.8%~3.0% Life Steal sharply improved them viability and added all resistance. To match with the Immortal King’s Triumph, there are two set of 60 elementals resistance. In the 1.0.5 patch, the War Cry will decrease 20%. So, the importance of resistance manifested.


Critical Rate ≥ 3%, attack speed ≥ 6%, Vitality +60


Critical Damage≥50% Critical Rate ≥ 5% Vitality +100

+ movemnet speed 12% WITH 24% speed you can improve the efficient in the dungeons


Depth Diggers is a good choice! With all resistance and 20% MF, +200 strength, 100+ vitality.


Chest Armor

If with enough D3 Gold, I recommend you buy Tyrael's Might.Do not need to go buy the Immortal King’s Eternal Reign. Too expensive, and the pieces are more than 100000 k, and Tyrael's Might with 12% Movement Speed. Wonderful!

Immortal King’s Boulder Breaker ,Strength + 150, Critical rate more than 9%. With three Immortal King’s suit can create a damage reduction effect. In the 1.0.5 is a great choice!


Recently, the price is depressed in Diablo 3 auction house, many items is very cheap. So, there are great items you can select. Without blind a price, in fact, there are a lot of good equipment through competitive bidding to obtain.

Hope at 1.05 will bring better pleasure experience. Please pay attention to us, we will be with you!


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