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Guide for farming Legendary Diablo 3 Items

10/2/2012 11:33:52 AM

Diablo 3 has accompanied us nearly four months the depending on the unique game mode and praise of many players.Changeful skill build will make you experience different feeling with others. Exciting plot missions lead you understand Diablo 3 bit by bit. Gorgeous equipment makes you powerful in the dark world. You are the man who born to win!


Diablo 3 has optimizing, after the 1.04 patch, the legendary D3 Items substantially updated and the drop increased which embark many players on the Diablo 3 adventure. As we all know, the adventure is so hard and the way to acquire legendary weapons is long. Sometimes, many players can not farm legendary equipment all day. How troubling thing!


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How can we get legendary Diablo 3 Items?


Magic mechanism of inevitability of equipment: Chance of Finding Magic Items is a very important attribute. In the 1.0.4 patch, the chance of finding magic equipment property standards for 250 +, which must reached in ACT3. After with 5 Buff that you will notice the little monsters are armed with the legendary equipment!

The First Elite Dropped equipment affect certain probability of falling: When you encounter a group of elite monsters. If they fall blue and yellow equipment about the level of 62 to 63, which is a very good progress! You can continue to brush down. On the contrary, if falling weapons about 58 to 60, please re-select task and reset CD.

Followers of equipment options: Wizard select The Grand Vizier MF45%, Knight select Sun Keeper MF45%. Necklace choose full of MF 40%, with the main attributes of blue equipment. Basically, the ring can choose MF16%. All the equipment are relatively cheap and very easy to match. 


Advisability IP room: This argument has confirmed by lots of players. If you with more free time, you can select to choose an IP room before the game.

Recommendation: ACT3, Kill Azmodan, from the inside to the outside.


Hope everyone can get your ideal Legendary Items! The legendary drop rate has increased in 1.0.5. More information please keep on us !