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Diablo 3 Five Legendary Items Introduction and Guides

9/29/2012 2:39:31 PM

The most attractive Coins in the Diablo 3 are the long-lost ancient Legendary Diablo 3 Items. When Nephalem was born, it seems that these items are sensing this change in every corner of the world with echoes. When Diablo reach the Supreme Heaven, the Devil energy are all absorbed by Diablo. But the Ancient Diablo 3 Items are all remained in the World and waiting for the Nephalem who are supposed to own them. (Pure fictional) LOL.


After the Patch 1.0.4 in D3, the Legendary Items are adjusted enormously both in appearance and stats. The reason is the Blizzard wants players to get them in the game having fun and destroy the devil.


Diablo 3 Legendary Items ranking:


Immortal King’s Boulder Breaker: This weapon is the Tribal king Worusk’s most beloved weapon. Although the stats of this weapon is not so good, but it is always the most desirable weapon for Barbarians as it is the symbol of the absolute position of the Immortal King.


But personally I do not recommend this weapon to players. Although the strength value is quite high and with attached additional skill effect, the Boulder Breaker does not have Life on Hit or Steal and Critical Hit Damage. In real battle, this can not enhance much ability. What’s worse, the price of this Breaker is quite expensive.



SKORN: “The demon L’Anzuul wielded his vile axe Skorn with great venom and wrath before he was brought low by the forces of Heaven.” This weapon was owned by a wicked Witch Doctor and controlled by a Demon.


In Diablo 3, this weapon is chosen by many players regardless of what kind of class they belong. There are some standards in choosing a weapon which are sockets, Critical Hit Damage and Life Steal. Of course weapon should include the main stats of you class like strength, at least +300.




WINDFORCE: “the wind carries life for those enveloped in its flow, and death for those arrayed against it”.

This is the weapon I would recommend to the follower Enchantress, especially for the Wizard because this weapon has a really good stat as 34.5% Chance to Knockback on Hit. I tested it myself and the effect is very good. Basically the melee monsters can not get close to you.



BLADE OF THE WARLORD: “Awrak led the people of the Bear tribe to a great many victories in his all-too-short life. His name is till highly revered among his people.”

This 1-hand weapon for Barbarian can boost the attack speed. Gain Life per Fury Spent is what Barbarian needed. Especially for the high damage dual whirlwind Barbarian, it is a good choice.



MANTICORE: “The flying quills of the manticore’s tail are filled with lethal toxin”


This weapon can be regarded as Great weapon after patch 1.0.4. Demon Hunter, relying on Critical Hit Damage, get the weapon and can be invincible. High Dexterity, Critical Hit Damage and if you are lucky enough, you could get two Sockets as reward and it is equal to you get 2 100% Critical Hit Damage Gem. It would be at least 5W DPS.


As these Legendary Items are fairly expensive, you can preorder these items and get advice at our facebook page. In fact there are a lot of lost ancient Items. We would not introduce all these items one by one. Later we would bring more information about patch 1.0.5. Just pay attention to our site news part.