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Diablo 3 Barbarian Immortal Set Items Rules

9/28/2012 3:02:30 PM

“In the days when the barbarians roamed the entire western continent- long before the coming of Rakkis- one man, Worusk, united the tribes, and for the briefest of moments, the barbarians had a king.”


This is the introduction of the origins of this set of Diablo 3 equipment. Then we understand the design idea behind this equipment. This set of Diablo 3 Items is the top legendary sets for Barbarian, owing very good stats and worth your Diablo 3 Gold.


Immortal set items have six pieces in D3: Boots, 2-haned weapon, Chest, Helmet, Gloves and Belt. We all know that you can have the entire stats if you have five sets. So we can abandon the 2-handed weapon the stats of which are not especially good for Barbarian and choose the SCKON instead.



As the patch 1.0.5 is coming, Immortal sets will become the standard equipment of the Barbarian. As the War Cry- Impunity effect will be reduced to 20%, it is a big problem to demand physical resistance and melee damage relief.


Now as you have a set of such equipment, it is key to choose a suitable Build. This time I would personally recommend a set of high critical hit damage Build for you.



In fact, if you are a loyal customer of our site, you will be familiar with this set of skills which are mentioned in the article I wrote before. But when I have this set of Immortal set, the effect of this set of skills are improved to another higher level.


Cleave- Broad Sweep: At first I select the Bash and the effect is pretty good. But later as the monsters increase in the number, the Pulverize can not meet the efficiency. And replace it with the Cleave and give larger AOE damage. And the efficiency are increased at least 10% and you can damage a bunch of boxes.



Passive skill- Superstition: With the Immortal and cast War Cry, the Armor can reach about 7000. Melee battle can barely hurt you. So you need to choose superstition to reduce the long-distance monster damage and physical damage.



Passive skill- Unforgiving: Previously select this because the Fury is in shortage and rely on the Unforgiving to increase the Fury continuously. After I wear the Immortal five sets, the Fury can be saturated and replace it with Superstition to enhance the viability.



 Follower: Previously my follower is the Templar which can improve the MF value for me. But as the Paragon level increase, MF is enough and I choose Enchantress instead as she can improve the armor and increase the attack speed. What’s more, Enchantress can carry a lot of MF Diablo 3 Items. It is a good choice to bring the Enchantress with you in the later time actually.