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The Update For "Diablo 3 Lucky Goblin"

9/27/2012 4:30:50 PM

Have you anticipated the activity of raffling free D3 Gold in “Diablo 3 Lucky Goblin”? To satisfy the requirement of our clients, we have stocked amounts of Diablo 3 Gold especial for this activity that ensure instant delivery. Also, we have posted the list of Winners in our public Facebook. We hope more and more customers’ name will appear in the paper list.

Now, according to the feedback of some loyal clients, we have adjusted D3 Gold order in Goblin Gold page. There are more choices for the participator to choose buy Diablo3 Gold which means the rate of winning the reward increased than before.

For example, once you buy 200000 k D3 Gold in “ Diablo 3 Goblin Order Page” that you have chance to get free D3 Gold about 60000k – 200000 k. Why not have a try? Huge free Diablo 3 Gold are waiting for you!


Tips: As long as you buy D3 Gold in "Diablo 3 Goblin Order Page" that you can join the activity to raffle in the page of "Diablo 3 Lucky Goblin".