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The Skills And Guide For Barbarian Two- handed Axe - Skorn

9/26/2012 6:32:25 PM


After the 1.0.4 Patch, the two handed weapons properties improved significantly. Most of players feel fuzzy of hoe to use the skills with two-handed weapons. Here, I would like analyse detailed about the Two- Handed weapons for Barbarians.

Diablo 3, the most critical equipment is weapons. For example, the peak level of the world's first barbarians are also use Whildwind and Spirit, as we all know this BUILD is really quite efficient, also very easy to get started. While, today, I recommend a more efficient BUILD, at 15 minutes you can smash ACT3.

Recommended weapons: Skorn Axe

To choose this type of weapon, you should notice the power 300 +, socket, critical damage180 +% after socket gems which with critical damage 100% can increase more than 280% critical damage in the end. This is a considerable upgrade fro Barbarians! However, if there is life steal property, it could not be better. Of course, the weapon with life steal property should price highest, as well as you should choose to buy one with life steal belt to compensate.

REND- Ravage
Increase the range of Rend to hit all enemies within 17 yards. With the Skorn Axe passive properties that cause a wide range of the AOC damage to clean up the monsters faster.

Furious Charge - Merciless Assault
A high outburst skills, more monsters you killed, the CD will decrease. Basically, as long as you similar with this skill that the skills can use with limited.

The weapons with this BUILD changed the traditional barbarian game play. Depending on the blood protection and life steal to ensure the blood life, so there is unobstructed in ACT3 for you!

Last, recommend a best route to farm Diablo 3 Gold and Diablo 3 Items

The Keep Depths Level 1 4-5 Elites
The Keep Depths Level 2 3 ElitesThe Keep Depths Level 3 3 Elites
Rakkis Crossing 3 elites
Arreat Crater Level 1,2,3  5 Elites
Tower of the Cursed Level 1,2

From the top to down, to kill the boss Azmodan, might swap legendary items.