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Depth Analysis of Diablo 3 Barbarian Main Skills

9/25/2012 6:09:45 PM

The Diablo 3 has been launched for over five months and ushering for the patch 1.0.5. With the 5 classes, there appeared a variety of skill Build.


In the five classes, the leading class should be Barbarian. High damage, high attack speed and ferocious Barbarian becomes the number one choice for most players. Here I would like to compare the main skill and make it clear why we should choose these skills.


Focus on the Dual Whirlwind Build and Sword & Shield Build.




Frenzy is the primary skill for most Barbarians. Especially the Dual Whirlwind build, relying the frenzy accumulated damage Buff, and then enhance the Cleave damage. The accelerating of the attack speed can make the Barbarian Fury remain on saturated status.



Late in the game, a lot of Barbarian abandon the Frenzy and choose Bash instead. Later you will find the damage of Frenzy is far less than the 2 reverberations caused by the Bash. In ACT4, when the Frenzy damage is weak and change it with Bash and you will find that there is a brand new feeling, especially for those with the Sword & Shield Build.

3.Battle Rage



With the upcoming of Patch 1.0.5, Battle Rage (Into the Fray) is about to take great changes. The critical chance will upgrade from 30 seconds to 120 seconds. So that the Critical Hit damage time and chance have been improved greatly, it makes the Frenzy (Maniac) maintaining longer.



This is a controversial skill as a result a lot of players do not choose it. But I would like to tell you, when your Armor reach +7000, and you will find this skill is really perfect because in Act 3- Act 4, the monsters are almost all elemental damage. Physical Melee Damage is rare. So superstition is really a good choice.

These four skills are now the main choices for Barbarian. I hope after the patch 1.0.5, there would arise more builds. Just look forward the patch coming.