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The Legendary Two-Handed Axe For Barbarians!

9/21/2012 7:25:43 PM

Diablo 3, one of them was equipped was the world of the game, with the 1.0.4 version of the changes, the strengthening of legendary items, the birth of a number of Guards artifact, artifact, one recommended for many barbarians players today: Sri Lanka Cowen ax

As long as you armed with legendary weapons in Diablo III that you can smash all the chapters easy and fast! With the changes of 1.0.4 patch, there are number of strengthening legendary items come into the black world. Today, we would like to recommend one of the most amazing items for Barbarians: Legendary Two-Handed Axe.

For now, about 60% Barbarian players are still use the Whildwind with Sprint. Depending on that useful build you can clean all monsters in ACT1-ACT4 easy and fast. While, the big problem is that once you encounter the long distance wizard and Javelin monster, the monsters with Shield distribute can kill you easy. Even for the good equipped barbarians!Now, we recommend the Legendary Two-Handed Axe along with the set build with distribute suppression of the monster, or spike monster. But your weapons related to the effective of kill monsters in second.

Weapons on this figure, the price about 30000 k Diablo 3 Gold, it is quite expensive for the poor level players. Generally, we don not suggest players to buy such a high property, the strength about 300 and the damage about 100% with 200k D3 Gold. Special pay attention on the Coin, if the equipment hasn’t life steal, please choose the life steal! Because we don't have full set of immortal king's tribal binding, we need life steal.

For the Skill Build,

Madman replaced Slam main hand here, because this Build does not need attack speed, basic with twenty-three hammer monster will be taken away. The Whirlwind basically full of anger, to the elite monster, generally rely on left click.

To use the Bash, you can increase 50% weapons damage.

This Build is a set of perpetual Whildwind Genre, basically with 5 set Mighty Belt and passive skills. You can smash all chapters!

What are you hesitate? If you want to be the Domineering Slayer, just have a try!