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The Analysis For The High Critical Hit And Life Steal Of Barbarian

9/20/2012 5:21:40 PM

After the paragon system has released, amounts of loyal players spent lots of time to upgrade and farm Diablo 3 Gold day after day. When the first player reached the top level of paragon, the Barbarian absolutely become to be the chairman among five professions. No matter the tank genre, or the parkour genre, they are play an important role in the team.

You should ask why Barbarian become the first choice in the five professions.
As you can see, the top ten players in the paragon are barbarian players. Barbarian depends on the rage produce high critical damage, through the fast attract Two-handed weapons with per second hit add life, armed items with life steal faction to output more damage.

After the Critical Hits fulfil 50%, we can choose the weapons with Critical Damage. For now, the standard for Barbarians’ Critical damage is 300%

In the AH, the Gems pricing 12w Diablo 3 Gold.Now, I would like to pay more attention on the Gems. I supposed that many of players used to arm with some low grade gems about 70-80% critical damage because of lacking the D3 Gold. Actually, there is no influent for you to buy D3 gem if you with enough Diablo 3 Gold. Due to these gems can cyclic utilization.


Life Steal

Most of players are confused of Life Steal. For now, I explain it for you:
Steal Life: Damage * 2.50% Life steal / 4 = Life Steal Health Globe
Don’t neglect the 2.50%, it will play an important role. When the per hits add life up to 1500+, you absolutely should choose a weapons with life steal, so in the ACT3 you can smash all the monster with high blood. For myself, with 1700 per hits add life and Whirlwind, it’s hard to back the blood life. As long as I armed with 2.50% life steal, you know what will happen!


Hope more Barbarians join us in 1.0.5 Patch. Let’s fight for honor! If you like our article, please share with your friends.