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Diablo 3 Barbarian Life Steal and Life on Hit Deep Analysis

9/17/2012 11:53:12 AM

With the upcoming patch 1.0.5, Barbarian War Cry all resistance will reduce from 50% to 20%. But Inferno Monster Difficulty will be reduced by 20% as well. This will affect the Barbarian players in Act 3 more or less. It would be a problem for the Barbarian to survive in the Act 3 with the reduction of the all resistance.


There would be a tendency in the equipment adjustment and skill choices. This time, I would like to give a deep analysis of the Barbarian Weapon Choices. Here, we must understand three important attributes the Life Steal, Life on Hit and Critical Hit Damage.


Critical Hit Damage

This can be understood as the additional damage after the critical hit damage. I think this can help you to understand. Of course, the higher the Critical Hit Damage, the Better.


Life Steal



The Butcher’s Sickle: I would recommend this to normal players. 52% Critical Hit Damage, 2.5% Life Steal, 20% chance to drag enemies to you when attacking. This Axe can be counted as one of the best after the patch 1.0.4. The most important features about the equipment is the Critical Hit Damage, Life Steal and a socket.


Life Steal Calculation Formula (Inferno Mode) : (5W) Panel Damage * 2.5% / 4 = (312) Life Steal Health Globe (Under Inferno Mode, the Life Steal reduces 1/4 )


Life on Hit:


As I belong to the common players, I do not share with you with awesome legendary items then.

Life on Hit: A fixed Life on Hit to a Barbarian is indispensable. In Act 3, the required Life on Hit is +1200. But sometimes, you feel it is a little weak. I think this should be the problem of the attack speed. So I make an adjustment in the Active skill, and choose Frenzy and increase attack speed.



After the analysis of Life Steal and Life on Hit, I would include summarize here in Act 3 how to achieve a standard saturation, select the right weapons.

I hope Cock silk barbarians, post re-understanding of life steal and hit life, you do not, the choice of high property weaponry.


Select Axe is to increase the 10% Critical Hit Chance.

Axe mace Class: Main Hand Life steal, sockets, Critical Hit Damage, Strength and Vitality

Off hand Life on Hit, socket, Critical Hit Damage, Strength and Vitality


In Act 3, the Life on Hit +1400, Life Steal 2.50% would be a perfect choice.

I would hope Barbarian would have a new understanding of the Life Steal and Life on Hit. You do not need to spend additional Diablo 3 Gold to choose the high property weapon on purpose.