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Diablo 3 Barbarian One Shield Clear Through Inferno Act 4

9/13/2012 2:30:03 PM

Diablo 3 Barbarian players can clear Inferno Act 3 with double Whirlwind Build, Infinite Tricky Skill Build at ease. I think some players can basically clear Act 3 with eyes closed even. Then why not enter the Act 4? In fact Act 4 is our paradise.


Entering Act 4, I find that there are various foes; even the ordinary foes have a large and incredible DPS. I personally feel that the difficulty has been improved at about 3%. Even before I reached the Library of Fate, I have been slain for 3 times. It suddenly occurred to me that this is the reason why players do not step into the Act 4. But I did not give up and fight until in front of the first Boss Iskatu Lord of Despair. Enter the battle, I use Frenzy, Battle Rage and Wrath of the Berserker all together, and the Whirlwind to give damage output. But just in the middle of the battle, I find I can not back up my health anyway. My life on hit is +1200. And finally I fell on the ground and died gloriously. Just one night I fought for 3-4 times. In my despair, I suddenly have an idea that maybe I should bring a shield. I go to the Auction House immediately to buy a 1.0.4 version Storm Shield.




The biggest difference between the new version and old version is that the strength stat has been improved enormously and the price is fairly cheap. I only spend 200,000 Diablo 3 Gold on it.


With the shield and under Buff, the Armor is +8000, and All resistance +600, Life on Hit has been lowered about 600. Now the life on hit is around 600. But the life stealth is about 2.5%. I am ready to fight “Lord of Despair” now.


 “Lord of Despair” falls before me. Just one shield has changed everything. A magic Barbarian Build arise.


Whirldwind Sprint Shield Build


The only difference between the previous Whirlwind Sprint Build is that there is a change in the passive skills. The Nerves of Steel has been changed into Superstition.




In ACT 4, the variety of remote foes and elemental foes are much more than the ACT 3. When you put on a shield, your armor has reached saturation. So there is no need for you to use Nerves of Steel. Use the Superstition to get your Fury on the Ranged and Elemental foes.


As the map in Act 4 is not the same in Act 3, I would recommend to change the Frenzy to Bash to have one more AOE skill. Because the whirlwind require you to dash into the foes group to gain AOE damage, under the All resistance +500, you are easy to be killed. Bash is a good skill to give damage output.


 Equipment Details are as follows: