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Diablo 3 Barbarian Clear Act 3 Fast Equipment and Skills Recommendation

9/10/2012 5:03:52 PM

After the 1.0.4 patch, the Barbarian rise as a fearless hero. In previous Act 3, general Dual Cyclone Build, Weapon Throw Build and Wrath of The Berserker Build,



Tanking Build are difficulty to survive, or killed in second, or fight too long, inefficient. But after the patch, the elite attacks, health globe and no long back to the full health and other modifications, make Barbarian players quickly clear through Act III.


In order to allow players to clear Act 3 quickly and smoothly to get more Diablo 3 Gold, at the same time enjoy the game in a different flavor, we recommend the following equipment and skills.



Barbarians need several attributes can regulate these categories: crit chance, crit damage, attack speed, hit the health regeneration, life steal, strength, physical fitness, and all resistance.


1. Attributes Selection
The attributes the Barbarian needs fall into these categories: Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Attack per Second, Life steal, Strength, Vitality, All resistance.


Standard Stats are as follows:

Critical Hit Chance: 60%

Critical Hit Damage: 300%

Attack per Second: 1.7%

Life on Hit: 1200+

Life Stealth: 5% (A tip for you. In the choices of two one-handed weapons, there is no need to pursuit the Life on Hit attrit. If there is a socket and Life stealth is above 2.5%, you can choose this kind of high damage weapon as well.)

Strength: 1700+

Vitality: 1300+

All resistance: 700+ (In the case of War Cry, 800+ is enough. No need for you to pack the resistance equipment.)


2. Skills and Runes are as follows:


This set of equipment meets the stats I mentioned above, and with this set of Build (Whirlwind and Sprint Build), it is easy for you to clear the Act 3.

1. When using this Build, you must maintain the War Cry and Battle Rage Buff. This is really important, which will determine If you could output the high damage.



4. Wrath of the mad war, if the duration of the increase is the key, because you get to have anger more Super Saiyan form will remain the longer will be higher relative to play the injury to improve combat effectiveness, protection of you more Kuaisutongguan focus one.
4. Wrath of the Berserker. The key is how to increase the duration of the Wrath. Because the more Fury you get, the super Berserker will remain. And correspondingly, the damage output will be high. Improve your combat effectiveness is the core to safeguard you clear the Diablo 3 quickly.


Tips: In the choice of followers, I would personally recommend the Templar. Templar can wear MF equipment to enhance your chances to get Rare equipment. And the follower can increase your Fury generation by 8%. In Inferno mode, this will help you to survive. Other followers are too weak when the monsters are in blocks and the Buff will disappear instantly when they are dead.

Above is the Act 3 Barbarian equipment and Skills Build. I would sincerely hope this article would help you. Wish you good luck for Legendary Items. LOL.

Recommended equipments are as follows (You can study the stats of these items and compare it with those in the auction house. Then Buy the Items you need.)