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New AH Assistance Service Help You Buy D3 Items in Auction House Easy

9/8/2012 5:35:12 PM

Still spend lots of time on wandering around AH house to buy an ideal item? Still have no choice to cost plenty of Diablo 3 Gold exchange a legendary weapon? Still frustrated because lack of D3 Gold in AH? Come on buddy! The aim to play game is abandoning the pressure of real life. Why not turn to us? Just enjoy your game!We are gald to save money and time for you!

We have launched the new AH Assistance Service for amounts of D3 players. Due to the requirement of our clients, the marketing department decided to manage this service for you. As we all know, to buy D3 weapons in D3 AH need more time to waiting for the Auction Time. Now, there is no need to stare at AH anymore. Let us for you!

How about the AH Assistance Service?

1. Tell us the name of your ideal Diablo 3 Items and upload a clearly picture of the weapon.
2. The highest AH price you can accept for the item.
3. After you input your accepted AH price, it will translate into real currency. The translate rate according to our Diablo 3 Gold price.
4. To choose the refund way. Between cash refund and D3 Gold refund you can have a choice.
5. Fulfill all your personal information in the game. As soon as we have brought it for you, we will deliver it instantly!

More information why not click here?

Tips:* New AH Assistance Service just for Diablo III US Server, Normal Mode Servers now.
       * When the AH left time close to 60 minutes, we won’t accept your order any more.