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Diablo 3 Barbarian depth analysis – Weapon Throw style

9/7/2012 6:22:47 PM

High critical damage, high critical damage chance, high life on hit, high attack speed and high damage, if you have all these five features, then you are one of the privileged player groups. In Diablo 3, the gorgeous harm has become the only element to attract players. In all the five classes, Barbarian is the only one class that can meet all the five requirements.


The most popular Barbarian Build can be divided into: Dual Cyclone Running style, Earth quaking style, Weapon Throw Style, Two-handed Great Trick style, Sword and Shield style.



Weapon Throw style can be understood as Remote Barbarian.




1. Equipment attributes analysis
If you want to achieve this set of Build, you have to at least spend 20,000K Diablo 3 Gold to coordinate the equipment and property. DPS has to be at least 80K. Critical Damage should reach 200%, Critical Damage Chance 40%, Life on Hit 1800, All Resistance 600 and Health Globe 50K. Critical Damage, Life on Hit and Critical Damage chance are the core of this set of Build because sometimes you still would be involved into melee combat.


2. Skills and Runes Analysis
Weapon Throw style has been positioned in the Diablo 3 with Sprint (Run like the Wind) to gain speed, leaving damage along the way, causing a sight of running damage.






Many players choose the Whirlwind. But if you use the Whirlwind style, the equipment requirement is higher and the D3 Gold requirement is more. And the Whirlwind is not so easy to control as whirlwind is rushing into a monster group. IF there are pack of remote foes, it is easy to die. What’s more, the foes Weapon Throw can kite-flying are nearly double the foes the Whirlwind Style can kite-flying. And the key is that you will not die.


3. How to solve the High Damage Fury shortage
Now, a lot of players have become familiar of the game and the operation, the skill use time is shortened a lot. And a new problem arise, you will encounter the shortage of the Fury. Without Fury, you can not use the skill and slain by a group of monsters.


1. Three seconds rule. Within three seconds, you have to use the sprint (Run like the Wind), to get the continuing Fury.

2. Use Frenzy and War Cry to get your Fury energy when the Foes are in small group.

3. Maintain the use of War Cry. War Cry is used to get the Fury, feel free to make up.

4. Do not spend time to think of skill unavailable in a situation of Fury shortage. You should ensure that kill the foes in least of time.


If the player is able to understand the Coins I mentioned above, study it and compare it with your own equipment. I would not doubt the chance to win a legendary item. Now come to a vote. Choose your favorite Barbarian play style.