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Five Different Skills Build Genre For Wizard

9/5/2012 2:39:25 PM

The Comprehensive Skills Build for Diablo III Wizard


In the Diablo III, 10 Wizards has 10 different skills build. All kinds of skills collocation have various operation and different output damage. Indeed, that is what the Blizzard want! Of course, they have achieved the anticipation and we all experienced the unique Diablo III.


For the Build, you can simply understand as the collocation of skills and rune. Different way to make up your skills will cause the different chemical reaction and unexpected effect. Now, we would like to introduce the relationship of skills, rune and weapons.



1. Critical Damage with ice whirlwind Genre.

This Build is the most popular for amounts of Wizard, especially for the rich and professional players. Through the Critical Mass that support each critical hits have a chance to reduce the CD of Frost Nova, Diamond Skin and Explosive Blast. Basically, there is no CD with more than 50% Critical hits. Above the equipment choose, you absolutely should armed with the weapons in which involved the Critical Hits increase Arcane, Each Hits add +400 life, 1.5 Attacks per Second with Staff. The rest of items you’d better choose add Critical Hits and Critical Hits Damage. Matching with the all resistance about 500, Blood ball +4w. This Build support you can stand in the invincible state, while the demand of Diablo 3 Gold is super!




2. Ice Whirlwind with Poison Blade Genre

This is an old fashion build for Wizard. When we were struggle in the ACT2 and tormented by the Belial, this build accompanied with the Hydra raised abruptly from this time! We have to mention this Build has changed the game way of most Wizards. From now, the Hydra also produced unprecedented impact and assist parts of player smash to ACT4. Through the Blizzard to reduce the speed of monsters, the Hydra adds damage and fast attack of Spectral Blade that prevent the monsters away from you. Above the weapons, you can pay more attention on the attack speed, all resistance and vitality.





3. Lighting Stun Genre

A simple build is suitable for the beginner Wizard. Because of the 1.0.4 patch adjust the effect of Venom Hydra so that parts of players can’t survival in the ACT3 anymore. Meanwhile, the damage of lighting Hydra undergone sharply improved and the main skills for most players was the Piercing Orb. In the end, this build was the best choice for poor Wizard players. Through the Shock Pulse and lighting Hydra that strike Paralysis to stun the target. Of course, to match with the Blizzard reduces the speed. This is the perfect build that control the monsters. In addition, to arm with weapons which only cost 500w D3 Gold that you can kill all the elites and boss from A1-A4. The professional players recommend you focus on the attack speed, all resistance, vitality, intelligence. Better with higher attack speed better you have chance to stun target.





 4. Mammoth Hydra with Meteor Genre

One of the most popular Build recently, the change of the legendary, legendary boots which can burn ground your walk on and the improvement of Mammoth Hydra make this Build shine brilliantly. Depending on the fire damage to incinerate the monsters, what a brilliant scene! Through the fir Hydra and, special effect of legendary boots and the high damage that smash the monsters within a second. Zero arcane power consumption support your release thousands meteor. With the damage increased by 10% through Conflagration that you can stay in the long distance to block the enemies!





5. High Critical Hits with Archon Genre

After 1.04 Patch, this build starts used by parts of players. Also, it mainly is through the Critical Mass to reduce the CD of Archon. To choose Improved Archon with Archon that would create 1600% damage. It is unbelievable number that will support you kill all the monsters. For the weapons, you’d better choose high critical hits and high critical damage. A set of 1000 w equipment can let you output 20w damage. How about the richest professional players? So amazing!